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Tapping for Weight Loss – Lose the Stress, Lose the Weight

Beginning April 7 to April 17 you can watch the newly released film “Tapping for Weight Loss” for free. This remarkable film was the result of the combined efforts of Jon Gabriel, weight loss authority, and Carol Look, EFT Master. I was asked to preview the film and also asked to be an Expert Interview by Jon and Carol. During our interview Jon also asked me to provide a short tapping routine related to weight loss. I am happy to say that I will be one of the Master EFT experts that will be part of the free bonuses if you watch the film. The movie is a must for anyone who struggles with weight issues. Do not miss this while it is free. It will be available for purchase after the free period from April 7 to April 17. My expert interview will be on April 17. To view the free online movie, please click on this link.

My Radio Interview

I was invited to be a guest to discuss EFT on the radio by Dr. Lorraine Hurley on February 14th. Dr. Hurley is a physician who practices Functional Medicine on Cape Cod. She is also a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. Her weekly radio program entitled “Having the Guts to Heal” is aired every Thursday at 9 PM. I was thrilled at this opportunity to spread the good news about EFT. If you want to listen to the recorded program click here.

Natural Living Expo 2014 -

I had such a wonderful experience being an exhibitor for the 2013 Natural Living Expo. Meeting so many wonderful like minded people was a thrill. I will be back for the 2014 Expo Saturday November 15th and Sunday November 16th. I am hoping to once again, be a guest speaker.

The 6th Annual Complementary and Integrative Therapies Expo and Lecture Series – April 2 2014

I will be having an EFT table at this FREE event, where you can “sample” some EFT for yourself! This event is open to all. It is a pleasure to see that University of Massachusetts Medical School is leading the way to integrate complementary and alternative treatments into modern medicine. This event takes place on Wednesday April 2 from 3 pm to 6 pm. The address is 55 Lake Avenue North in Worcester MA. It will be held in the Faculty Conference Room and the Old Medical School Lobby. Hope to see you there!


Spring Events

Learn EFT for Stress Relief

Learning how to apply EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques is like having your own personal relaxation tool that you can use anytime you feeling stressed! It is amazing, but true. I have been using EFT since I learned about it in 2006 and I must admit, it changed my life. I am so passionate about sharing this easy to learn technique to others, teaching a class is my all time favorite thing in the world. Let me teach you how to tap.

The class is a fast moving and fun class. It is designed to be inspirational, educational and interactive all in one. No two classes are ever the same. You will leave with the ability to apply EFT to yourself, and to help you, I will send you home with a script with you can use.

Join me if you want to finally learn how to help unburden some of those stressful thoughts that drain your precious energy.

Saturday April 12 2014

12 Noon to 3 PM

Northborough Chiropractic

6 Maple Street

Northborough MA


Please RSVP to me at tmarian@aol.com

or call 508-523-7132

201 Boston Post West

Marlborough (In the RK Plaza)


Thinner Peace

Spring is the perfect time to shed those additional pounds that kept us warm during the cold winter months. There are many aspects to weight loss and paying attention to the emotions that come up when beginning a new way of eating )and trust me, they always do!) and learning how to effectively deal with them is a surefire path to success. Diets are great but they can sometimes trigger “deprivation” which can bring out a desire to rebel. Which can lead to sabotage and failure.

If you really want success with a new way of eating, this class will be perfect for you. I will teach you how to do a stress reduction technique called EFT which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. If you remember the old TV program “I Can Make You Thin” host Paul MeKenna utilized gentle tapping on acupressure points on the head and torso to help his audience reprogram the brain to more effectively lose weight and keep it off. And once you learn EFT, you can use it on anything!

Saturday April 5 2014

Noon to 3 PM

Ideal Results Weight Loss Clinic

21 Southwest Cutoff Suite #208

$40.00 (deposit is required to save a seat)

RSVP to irweightloss@aol.com or call 508-393-0007

or you can RSVP directly to me at tmarian@aol.com

or call 508-523-7132



***If you are interested in having me speak at your event, or offer a free introductory presentation about what I can offer to others, or to arrange a workshop, contact me directly at tmarian@aol.com or calling 508-523-7132.