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Welcome! I’m Tina, a certified holistic health counselor, abundance coach, and registered nurse (for 40 years, mind you!). I help people like you curb self-sabotage, break free from harmful patterns, and overcome personal obstacles in your life by offering a unique, non-invasive treatment known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Together, we create a plan for your specific hurdles including but not limited to emotional eating, anxiety and worry, feelings of depression, and chronic pain.

I understand you may be feeling…

  • skeptical about anything that might help you since fad diets and traditional treatments never seem to work for you (this is not one of them, by the way)
  • exhausted almost all the time (this is NOT how you’re supposed to feel!!!)
  • a total lack of confidence and extreme anxiety to the point that you decide to stay inside rather than see friends and family
  • completely alone in your situation—you can’t seem to figure out how to feel like a normal person and just be happy
  • like you’re living in a constant state of avoidance—of your anxiety triggers, of people, of your goals, and of confronting problems
  • tired of focusing on what is missing or not right in your life
  • ashamed you’re even in this situation…
  • that you have no value or purpose and are unwilling to invest in yourself to find a solution

My clients—heck, myself included—have been there too. Feeling burnt out and un-sexy—if that’s even a word—anxious about small stressors, and that the idea of food, in general, is an overwhelming concept, ALL OF THIS is not living. Life is not supposed to be a constant battle.

That’s why I created my signature 3 Month EFT/VIP Coaching Program to help you accomplish your goals and sustain the results you achieve by giving you concrete tools to decrease the stress in your life and free yourself of emotional, physical, and spiritual blocks.

When you sign up, you get…

  • two 1 hour one-on-one EFT sessions with me per month
  • exclusive email support in between sessions (I’m always with you!)
  • accountability to follow through and achieve your goals
  • unique action steps made just for you to keep up progress in between sessions
  • custom recipes designed for you in light of the obstacles in your life

I’m so excited to be there with you to help you see this through. Feel free to give me a call today to schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation about how we can work together to reclaim your life.

I also offer individual sessions and smaller packages. I am very adaptable to met you needs. Don’t ever hesitate to call!


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